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Water Damage Brisbane – Gold Coast – South East QLD – Northern NSW

Sunstate Cleaning Services are the only team to call in a water damage emergency! Our qualified Water Damage Brisbane technicians are on hand 24 hrs a day to help you should you suffer any water damage or flood to your home or business premises. We take pride in working with families, business owners and insurance companies to act quickly to repair and restore water damaged premises so life can return to normal.

We have a number of emergency response vehicles ready to go in these stressful situations, ensuring we arrive quickly to assess the water damage Brisbane and commence the process of restoring your walls, doors, flooring and carpets as the longer it takes to remedy the situation the worse the problem could get. Whether it be a natural flood, flooded basement, burst pipes or water leaks we have the expertise and equipment to get you back on track!

The longer water is left lying around the more extensive the damage can become. Removing the water is the first priority, then our fully qualified technicians will work quickly to dry out water laden carpets, flooring and walls. We then work to remove bacteria, mould and water stains.

We service Brisbane and the Gold Coast and all the areas in between 24/7 so we have got you covered any time of the day or night in an emergency. Call us, the professionals to take the stress away of your water damage restoration and flood clean up.

Drying wet carpet in a room after water damage brisbane
Drying wet carpet after water damage
Structural drying on a water damaged wall in Brisbane.
Structural drying on a water damaged wall.

Natural Timber Floor Drying

Natural timber or wooden flooring is one of the most warm and inviting flooring solutions available to home owners. Investing in flooring from a renewable resource will see you having a floor that can last a lifetime if cared for properly. What happens though if your beautiful timber floor sustains significant water damage or flood? Did you know if your timber floor sustains water or flood damage you don’t necessarily need to remove them completely and throw them away! Luckily natural timber has a chance of being saved as opposed to floating flooring which would need to be removed if severely inundated by water. There are factors though that need to be considered such as the species of wood, how long the timber has been inundated by water, what type of water and what type of subfloor it has been affixed to.

Flood restoration and remedial work needs to start immediately to have maximum effect and to prevent cupping of the wood. If you are between Brisbane and the Gold Coast and are faced with this unfortunate situation you need to contact the professionals at Sunstate Cleaning Services as soon as possible. Our knowledgeable and qualified technicians are able to take care of any water damage repairs and restoration. Where possible we can dry and restore your natural wooden floor saving you thousands of dollars in renovation or refurbishments costs and a whole lot of stress! Don’t leave such a mammoth task to just any company, talk to the experts at Sunstate Cleaning Services and also see our testimonials from satisfied clients we have helped in situations like this.

All our highly knowledgeable and qualified technicians carry the necessary equipment to help you with timber floor drying to restore your flooring to good working order and are on hand 24/7 to assist. Contact us and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team. Let us help you restore your wooden flooring and save you $$$.

Timber Floor Repairs

Target drying wood floors after water damage
Target drying wood floors after water damage Brisbane.

If your timber floors have been damaged by clean water they may be able to be restored and repaired. The trick is to commence the drying of the wooden floor (above and below it) as soon as possible to prevent the boards from cupping and warping. Commencing the drying process immediately also lessens the risk of mould growing on the timber and as we know, mould left untreated could cause some potential health problems.

Sunstate Cleaning Services have emergency response vehicles carrying all the necessary equipment to commence your timber floor repairs. Our experienced and qualified water damage Brisbane technicians are available 24/7 to assist you if you have been unfortunate enough to suffer water damage whether it be from flood, burst pipes or consistent leaks.

Using our specialised equipment we remove the moisture from the floor boards so they can return to a dry state as soon as possible. Only once all the moisture has been removed and a moisture test should be carried out to determine this, can floor boards be re-sanded and sealed or carpet laid over the top. If floorboards are not completely dry before re-sanding or covering with carpet the boards can end up with a con-vexed effect. If there is concrete below the timber flooring a concrete moisture test should be done to ensure no residual moisture is apparent also.

Our experienced team have been helping people with water damaged floors and carpets between Brisbane and the Gold Coast for many years! Make sure you contact the experts at Sunstate Cleaning Services for natural timber floor restoration and repairs after water damage, so you don’t make your floor look worse!

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