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Our tile cleaning Brisbane service can revamp not only indoor and outdoor floor areas, but can also deal with problem areas such as showers and splash-backs. Our professional cleaners are able to tackle the entire job including stubborn grout stains to make your tiles feel fresh and new.

The appearance of your tiled areas can have a huge impact on the look and feel of both an individual room and your house as a whole. Whether you are selling your home, or simply looking to give a fresh life to your tired floor coverings, our professional tile cleaners have a product and service to suit your needs.

Don’t let your tiles be the cause of your headache, because we’re just one phone call away and we’ll handle this issue for you.

Why You Need Professional Tile Cleaning Brisbane?

Although there’s a number of chemicals made to remove the grime from surfaces, it won’t be as effective as it claims to be without the use of proper equipment and proper handling. Sunstate Cleaning Services are a team of professionals that specialise in grout and tile cleaning, giving you the assurance that your tiles would be thoroughly cleaned, and left undamaged.

Our trained, experienced professionals are also able to provide cleaning of delicate areas including mosaic areas such as water features, so you can be confident of the cleanliness of all your tiled areas not matter how big or small.

Brisbane Tile Sealing

Cleaning and Sealing Indoor Floor TilesWe believe that all porous tiles should be efficiently sealed. This would ensure that the stains would be kept at bay, and just stay at the surface, but not beneath it. Aside from that, sealing also creates a protection against deterioration, chemical attacks, and contamination. That’s why our Tile Cleaning Brisbane Services consider this as one of the most crucial steps toward protecting the investment against possible stains.

Brisbane Tile Stripping

Scrubbing, stripping, and cleaning are just some of the best ways to remove old sealant as well as the residue. Not just that, it’s also an effective way to restore the original appearance of the floor.

Sunstate Tile Cleaning Brisbane have the expertise and equipment needed to provide the tiles with a thorough floor stripping service you have been looking for.

Brisbane Tile Repairs

A tiled floor combines both durability and beauty which brings a soothing and appealing décor to the interior of the house, giving it the ultimate attractive design. It is easy to clean and maintain but just like the other floors, they are prone to damage and therefore will need professional repair services to bring back to its former glory.

Occasionally tiles can become loose, broken or cracked exposing the entire floor to the same extensive damage. It is therefore important to repair it before it causes more damage. A cracked or damaged tile should be removed by applying a small pressure on the grout that will not damage the other tiles. The cracked tile is then drilled several times and all broken parts are then carefully chiseled out.

Thin set mortar is then applied over substrate and the back of a new tile for best adhesion. The tile is then set in place and gently pressed firmly to ensure it levels with the other tiles and the edges filled with grout.

When repairing tiles, the right tools and equipments should be used to minimise mistakes. It should also be done by a qualified tile cleaning Brisbane professional.

We, at Sunstate Cleaning Services, specialise in restoring and repairing the following materials:

Why Consider Grout Cleaning?

If you want to ensure that your tiles would look good, then grout cleaning is a must. Considering the fact that grouts are porous in nature, they easily absorb dirt, grease, and limescale. This would trigger the formation of mould, and if left unchecked, it could damage the tile for good.

That’s why Sunstate Cleaning Services advice to seal the flooring every 2-3 years to lock in the beauty and protect it from future wear.

Before and After Grout Cleaning in Brisbane

Tile Re-grouting

Although the tiles seem to be in excellent condition, this doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be any problems at all. Sometimes, the issue roots down to the grout becoming damaged or deteriorated. This makes the entire area look dull and shabby.

Fortunately, this problem can easily be resolved through tile re-grouting. This would dramatically improve the appearance of the areas, even though it has already endured several years of wear and tear.

From bathrooms to showers, tile flooring to kitchen spill, re-grouting could leave the tiled area looking fresh and good as new.

Before and After Re-grouting

Grout Colour Sealing

If you want to ensure that your grout lines would remain in excellent condition for years to come, then we do suggest that you consider grout colour sealing. Basically, we’ll clean your tiles first, then apply an epoxy-based colourant to ensure a consistent appearance and prevent future staining at the same time. Rest assured that this comes with several years of warranty against cracking, peeling, chipping, and fading.

Before and After grout colour sealing

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Other Tile Cleaning Brisbane & Stone Services

Stone Polishing

Stone PolishingThrough stone polishing, it’s possible to remove scratches that are not even visible to the naked eye. This allows the natural crystals on the stone’s surface to reflect more efficiently. Additionally, highly polished floors are known to have smaller pores. This only implies that the dirt, soil, and grime are less likely to get trapped beneath the surface.

Stone Honing

If you want your floor to have a more velvety feel, then stone honing would be ideal for you. Honing the floors is one of the best ways to skip the taxing maintenance requirements while having a beautiful stone surface in your home or business at the same time.

Stone Grinding

Stone GrindingIn order to polish the imperfections and open a new layer that would allow you to build a polished finish, stone grinding would be ideal. Sunstate Cleaning Services would remove the deep scratches, stains, and other form of contamination, while giving you the confidence that your surface would be free from any lippage after the process.

Efflorescence Treatment

Efflorescence or Salt Deposits on TilesSunstate Cleaning Services have the equipment and materials needed to effectively get rid of the efflorescence– the salt deposits near the surface of the tile. Likewise, we also offer the necessary treatments, as well as the agitation tool to safely remove these deposits both externally and internally.

Sealing Natural Stone

Natural Stone SealingNatural stones are known to be highly porous, and they easily absorb or the liquids and stains coming from everyday spills. With the use of sealers, these stains could be avoided, and all you have to do is wipe them away, without worrying about damaging the stone.

Concrete Sealing

Sealing the concrete is the best way to keep the stains suspended on the surface, and it also protects it from any form of chemical attack.

High Pressure Cleaning (Jet wash)

High Pressure Cleaning on Tiles in Brisbane

High pressure washing is perfect for external areas, such as pavements and driveways because it can effectively remove grime and other forms of contamination. Additionally, through the use of a pressure washer, you can easily remove the slippery mass, oil stains, and algae, as well as the hazards caused by slippery surfaces.

Our professional team can offer service and advice on both existing and newly laid floors. Not only will we return your tiled areas to their aesthetic best, we will leave your hard floors hygienically clean and safe for the whole family to enjoy. All of our tile cleaning Brisbane work comes with a satisfaction guarantee. At Sunstate Cleaning Services we believe that you should be able to enjoy our beautiful climate in pristine outdoor areas, and relax in the comfort of clean and safe indoors. Please contact us for a no-obligation free quote.

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