Flood Damage Restoration Bald Hills

Better known as Australia’s sunshine state, sunny Queensland also experiences some pretty wacky weather. Brisbane locals are only too accustomed to floods and the aftermath of flood damage to their homes, as a result of torrential rainfall into an overflowing Brisbane River.

Water damage to your home, cannot only be a costly but time a consuming incident. The extent of flood damage to your home may determine your need to vacate your home only leading to further time, energy and stress. Sunstate Cleaning Services provide a 24 hour 7 days a week water damage restoration service, quickly acting to address flood damage to eliminate any present water, and prevent excessive structural damage, any chance of mould growth.

Here’s Bald Hills homeowner Adams testimonial for Sunstate Cleaning Services flood damage cleanup.

Recently in a northernmost suburb of Brisbane, Sunstate Cleaning Services responded to an out of hours flood cleaning emergency. Arriving at the Bald Hills home, Sunstate Cleaning Services addressed the extensive damage to walls, timber flooring and carpets. The timber floorboards in the lounge and family room were of primary concern, already swelling and lifting from their original structure. After assessment it was determined the timber couldn’t be saved, needing a fast removal in order to ventilate and dry out the concrete underneath to prevent further structural damage and mould growth. The carpets in two bedrooms also affected by flood damage need to be ventilated and dried. Treatment using specialist equipment was applied to all affected carpets, and concrete flooring, which incorporated the use of dehumidifiers and dryers to aid the ventilation and drying process. Prior to drying and ventilating the carpet, the underlay was removed and disposed of allowing for a new underlay to be installed once Sunstate Cleaning Services had completed their carpet cleaning process.

The Sunstate team make every attempt possible to reduce costs and reuse products where they can, after addressing the water damage in this situation the team decided the carpet underlay wasn’t in a condition to be reused. If reused mould and odour problems would result within a week or two, leading the team with no choice but to dispose of the underlay.

Flood Damage Restoration Bald Hills


The image above highlights the flood damage cleaning and removal of affected flooring carried by Sunstate cleaning services, which then allowed for later restoration of carpet, timber, and painting necessary in affected areas.

Flood Damage Restoration Bald Hills
Moisture readings of concrete flooring indicating high moisture content, indicating the need for professional drying and ventilating.

If you have suffered from flood damage in your home and require professional water damage cleaning services for your timber floors, carpet, and walls then Sunstate Cleaning Services can help. Our team services Brisbane and Gold Coast cities, and their surrounding suburbs from the Sunshine Coast to Tweed heads.

Sunstate Cleaning Services also offers a wide range of other services such as mould removal, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

Enquire online or call either 1300 762 021 or 0400 716 182, to find out more about our water damage cleaning services.




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