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Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

As a very professional and reliable carpet cleaning Brisbane service provider, Sunstate Cleaning Services offers wide range of carpet cleaning services on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and surrounding areas in South-East Queensland. When it comes to carpet cleaning we use state of the art equipment and chemicals and make sure these are safe for your family, pets and friends. We understand the different needs of our clients as they differ from person to person and can customise our services to suit your needs.

Our carpet cleaning services are:

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Commercial Carpet Cleaning BrisbaneWe offer wet and dry carpet cleaning, depending on your style of carpet. Sunstate Cleaning Services is readily available to clean carpets in offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, banks, shops and other commercial businesses.

We can offer cleaning maintenance and contract cleaning on a regular basis or speciality services like carpet repairs, rug cleaning or stain removal as needed.

We can work after our normal business hours of 6am – 7pm, seven days a week, and can work around your schedule.

Carpet deodorising

Carpet DeodorisingWhile having your carpet cleaned, you can also have it deodorised to keep it healthier and smelling fresh for longer periods. If there is a pet in the home or smoking in an office or restaurant, the carpet needs to be cleansed of those odours so that there is no longer a stale odour that is unappealing.

Your carpet will smell and look better, and will certainly be refreshed and revitalised!

Residential Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Residential Carpet Cleaning BrisbaneAvailable seven days a week, our fully insured and licensed professional operators can provide carpet cleaning in your home whenever necessary.

With either dry or wet cleaning, we can also provide rug cleaning for area rugs or mats. We also offer special treatments for pet owners that treat their furry friends as members of the family, and can have urine stains and pet hair removed while your carpet is being cleaned.

Dry or Wet cleaning

Dry and Wet Carpet CleaningThere are generally two different methods of cleaning carpets – dry and wet.

The dry method uses an absorbent compound that consists of a detergent, solvent and a small amount of water to dry clean your carpet. The advantage of this one is that there is little water so there is less drying time.

Wet cleaning is like shampooing your carpet with a foamy cleanser that then has to dry first before it can be vacuumed or walked on.

Everyone has their preferences and, depending on the type of carpet that you have, our licensed operators can provide you with free advice on which to use.

Rug cleaning

Rug Cleaning Before and AfterArea rugs (that perfect dining room rug, door mats, your prized Persian and those long foyer runners) can all be cleaned with the same process as any carpet cleaning, and a little extra TLC.

Our licensed operators are fully insured and will take care that all rugs of any type or size are professionally cleaned to your satisfaction.

Oriental rug cleaning

Oriental Rug WashingIf you have speciality rugs like Persian or Oriental that need special care, our fully insured and licensed operators can easily and professionally clean your Oriental rugs to your satisfaction.

They are experienced in cleaning rugs of any type and size and will ensure that care is taken as with all of their cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

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